Celebracion del Trigesimo Aniversario

30 Years of Dual Immersion at Beamer Park Elementary

2014 CABE Seal of Excellence

Beamer is an 800 API School

Beamer's Mural

1850          California became a state


1853          Woodland was settled


1930          Original Beamer Park School 

                  opened.  The building had 

                  8 classrooms 3rd-6th grade, along

                  Beamer Street (currently where the 

                  playground is)


1940          7th and 8th grade wing of classes

                  added, perpendicular to main building


1950          Primary School Annex was built


1951          Gymnasium & cafeteria was built


1956         K-8 with 725 students


1958         7th and 8th moved to Lee Junior High


mid 70's    Original building was demolished


1975         Office and library were built


1980's       Ballet Foklorico of Beamer

                  School was formed


1984          First year of Spanish immersion



                  Multi-age Immersion Program


                  90:10 Dual Immersion school-wide


2007          Mural was painted by Malaquias



2011          Beginning of 50:50 Dual Immersion



Beamer Park Neighborhood

Shortly before World War I, Bay Area developer, Hewitt Davenport, subdivided the old Richard and Rebecca Beamer homestead and hired prominent landscape architect, Mark Daniels, to design something different for Woodland: an upscale, master planned enclave with curved streets and round-about with fountain, an architectural gateway, a public park-and pricey home lots. A private train was chartered from Sacramento to promote the grand opening of Beamer Park in June 1914 – over a century ago. The complete build out of the Park took more than 40 years, interrupted by WWI, the Great Depression, and WWII, and accounts for the broad range of housing styles. Several talented builders left their mark on Beamer Park, including William Fait and Joseph Motroni, whose works will be highlighted on this tour.